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Company Profile

Jingsheng Aluminium Products Co.,founded in 2005,is located in the beautifull city-Foshan(Guangdong,China) which is called the center of China Aluminum industry, with many famous companies around,”Taoyuan” Road in front crossing and close to the long history good landscape “Nan Guo” Park.We mainly manufacture and supply all kinds of Aluminium items. As a new founded machining and processing company,We focus on Aluminium hardware and accessory with the philosophy”One Life ,One Work”.In the management aspect, we pay most attention to service and quality,We stick to “Quality is our basic element,Lead time is our lowest promise”.With several years development,our Co. has gotten a new level with square metre over 7000,workers over 100,many styles of processing,especially in CNC machining.Just now, we can make a chain supplying from extrusion to precise machining and delicate surface treatment. As that, we can guarantee our customer with first-class goods and in time delivery.We have made the first five year plan. Our business market will be from at home changing to overseas and our management will come into the standard system too.Our strategy target is developing our company to a international brand,letting “Made in China” become glory of all Chinese.

Main processing arts including:
1,Aluminium profile Extruding,Precise cutting,Pipe draw-out,Straight rectification,Bending,Drilling,Tap,Stamping,Pull,CNC mill, CNC lathe and so on.
2,The surface treatment:oxidation,electroplate,electrophoresis,coating,sandblast,polishing,drawbench and so on.

Main items:
·Special Al alloy:1060、1070、2011、2017、2021、2024、3003、5052、6060、6063、6463、6061、6082、7005、7075、suitable for lathe Al、stainless steel Al、seamless Al、OPC Al pipe.
·Al accessory for mechanism: cylinder piston, mowing machine pipe,Air condition al parts,Printer al parts,rotating axisis and so on.
·Lighting using:Aluminium shelf for color lighting,the base mechanism of the lighting, the lighting pole, the lightinh shell, the reflected panel and so on.
·the Aluminum for household:the shell of lampblack cleared machine,the Aluminum louver,The Al sliding track,the Al chair,the Al windows and doors,the shower Al part,Al railing,the rack of the television,the bag pole, the frame, handle, hinge ,Aluminium wall, and so on.
·The al hardware of the wirings: The heat sink profile,the shell of the monitor,the shell of car,the panel, the shell of the acoustics, the shell of the LCD,the shell of the HD,the shell of projection machine and so on.
·Other Aluminium products:All kinds of panels \tubes\poles,Al rack,Park instrument,The bike frame,The foot plate,The luggage shelf,The parts for the cosmetic,the al screw and so on.

We operate our business at the center of “Customer is God” and continue to meet our customer’s different requests.Welcome to offer your drawings and samples for us to manufacture!