Queue Weddings



Our philosophy for weddings is simple:  Follow the lead of the two-year-olds.

At any given wedding, there is typically a raucous crew of toddlers who will happily lead you step-by-step through the process of getting turnt:

Step 1)  Hit the bubbly early, sometimes even mid-ceremony.

Step 2)  Skip the food at the reception and beeline straight to the dancefloor.

And last, dance until your heart is full, your body is tired, and your clothes cannot be found.



Let's face it, weddings are kinda weird.  

It's not everyday you go clubbing with your grandfather or slow-dance with your mother...  But this odd assortment of all the people you love (who are excited to get particularly rowdy in celebration of you!) is a wonderful opportunity to actually have the best, craziest night of your life.  

That's is where we come in...


If it's not the best dance party of your life, you get your money back.  

Packages starting at 2k.

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Additional Packages

After The Party It's The After Party

Already booked a band, but still looking for a DJ to keep the party going after hours?  Book our 3-hour After Party at 50% off our normal rate.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes one night is simply not enough.  Book us for the rehearsal dinner or a party the next day for 50% off our normal rate.

Destination Weddings (And 'local' weddings not in LA.)

Getting married on Everest?  We want to be there! We travel frequently; so much so, actually, that we have turntables and PA speakers stored away in different parts of the country so that we don't have to risk traveling with our TSA-averse equipment.  It's kinda like we're in the CIA, but for partying...

So shoot us a message to discuss Himalayan pack-animal rates, and we'll get you your dance party at 30,000 feet - oxygen masks and all.