What's your style?

We put tremendous thought and care into everything we do.  Our music sets are carefully curated and our equipment is best in the industry.

Our mixing style will reflect that phase of the event.  For example, the mixes will typically be slower during dinner and cocktail hour, but it will gradually build over the course of the night so that the mix is much faster and upbeat by the time people are ready to dance.  The content of the mix (or music) will be driven by you.  We always consult with our clients to develop a list of music that they absolutely LOVE.  From there we extrapolate to incorporate other songs, artist, or even genres that we think they will also go nuts for.  Check out our blog for more dance party tips and music mixes.

What does your setup include?

Our typical setup includes: two vinyl turntables, a mixer, a laptop with an infinite playlist, a wireless mic, and two, very beautiful, birchwood PA speakers.  Additional equipment is available upon request.


Of course!  We frequent both coasts, and we love to take advantage of opportunities to play records abroad.  Getting married on Everest?!  We want to be there!  Send us a message to discuss up-to-date himalayan pack animal rates.

What does it cost?

Performances start at 2k.  Please message us for more specific quotes.

Do you MC?

We are more than happy to make any introductions and announcements that need to be made throughout the night.  Once the dancing starts, however, we like to let the music do the talking.

Can you do the music for our ceremony?

Yes.  We will happily, and flawlessly, do the music for your ceremony, at no additional cost.  Depending on the layout of the venue, however, we sometimes need to bring additional PA for this.

Do you do lighting?

Tasteful lighting packages and other Audio/Visual services are available upon request.  These include: projectors for slideshows and video walls, additional PA or mics, soundboards for live performances, etc.