Queue DJ Collective

Queue DJ is a boutique DJ collective in Los Angeles.  We specialize in unique musical curations that redefine the dance party experience. Over the past decade, our DJs have performed shows across three continents and with a number of Grammy winning artists including Rick Ross, Ryan Leslie, and Mike Dean. Queue DJ has developed a truly eclectic style and sound that weaves together seemingly disparate genres, artists, and time periods into cohesive, stand-alone compositions. Our DJs have a fiery passion for music, and they are each skilled social engineers - making even the most relentless wall-huggers let loose.



Las Vegas, NV
LOS Angeles, CA
Malibu, CA
New York, NY
Osaka, JApan
Palm Springs, CA
Park City, UT
San DIego, CA
San Francisco, CA
San José del Cabo, MEXICO
San Luis Obispo, CA
Sonoma, CA


The Standard Hotel
The Ace Hotel
Dirty Laundry
Bar Eighty-Two
Gold Diggers